So, you're stuck inside. Luckily, you have beer and food and you're feelin…

So, you're stuck inside. Luckily, you have beer and food and you're feeling a newfound culinary inspiration. We're here to help! The first class of Pairing 101 with Rare Form starts right now.

The first important lesson of pairing food and beer is realizing that, while good pairings high five, great pairings embrace like old friends. Great pairings are instantly familiar while still revealing new complexity to both of their constituent components.

Troy Division is our flagship New England-style IPA, and the first beer to pair. This interpretation is revolutionary for the style: it's well-balanced with a clean and refreshing finish. It's still a full-bodied IPA with pleasant citrus notes throughout, and it works really well with many of the different dishes you may choose to throw at it.

The hop profile and overall smooth character of Troy Division lends itself to balancing spicier foods – think Nashville Hot Chicken piled high with bread and butter pickles – but not everyone loves aggressive, spicy foods. That's okay! Troy Division is pretty easy. This beer is just as happy with your Rodeo Bacon Burger, complete with fried onions, crispy bacon, and a brown sugar BBQ sauce. A heavy dish gains levity from a bright and peppy IPA. Maybe you're just thinking cheese plate appetizer? Go for that special clothbound cheddar you've been saving. Add apple jelly and you'll discover a sweetness to both the beer and the cheese that you've never noticed before. If you're keeping it super light, try an arugala salad with a spritz of lemon and garlic. It's simple and effective and you'll like the results.

We encourage all of you to try a new pairing. Don't be afraid to be bold! Our beer is brewed with food in mind and we love to see the unique pairing opportunity our recipes create. Share your pairing pictures for a chance to win a beer care package!

Remember: taproom and delivery hours are shifting slightly, and we look forward to getting beer in your hands soon.

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