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We also offer rotating guest taps, wine, cider, canned cocktails and kombucha. Please inquire for featured brands.

Troy Division IPA
7% ABV

In an ode to both our city and to one of our favorite bands, we brewed this immensely satisfying New England IPA with a medley of American hops along with a dose of wheat and oats. This unknown pleasure is sure to become a familiar favorite.

5.4% ABV

This Mexican-style lager is brewed with New York corn and Zeus hops for a zesty kick. Notes of corn tortilla with a crisp lager finish make this a refreshing cerveza, with lime or without.

4.7% ABV

Inspired by the flavors of the traditional coastal Colombian beverage of “limonada de coco”, this beer is brewed with fresh lime and toasted coconut. The result is a sour ale layered with the lush and bright notes of fruit and imbued with just a hint of sweet sunshine magic.

6% ABV

An Upstate New York-style cream ale with a Rare Form twist. You'll feel like royalty sipping this light-bodied ale aged on locally toasted coconut. The coconut flavor is a subtle sidekick to enchant the palate and still allows the traditional style to shine through.

7.7% ABV

Our classic Belgian-style tripel with honey is a big, bold, delicious take on the quintessential style. This cult favorite is a dangerous but delicious interpretation of the famous tripel.

5.8% ABV

The Märzen-style lager originated in Bavaria and is known as the “official” beer of the Oktoberfest celebration. Our interpretation has the rich honey flavors of malt balanced with a clean, crisp hop bitterness.

6% ABV

A slightly sweet and nutty brown ale, Members Only gives the classic English style an American plot twist. No jacket needed, though, this classic style is brewed for everyone.

6.6% ABV

According to Kurt Vonnegut, a karass is a group of people that get stuff done. We brewed this rich and roasty American porter for them -- the movers and shakers. Look for full flavors of pale chocolate, nutty undertones, and a delicate, velvety roast.

8% ABV

Distinctly smooth and decidedly different, this fluffy double India Pale Ale is a fresh-squeezed orange juice creamsicle. Big citrus notes, a modest & pleasant sweetness, all while still finishing nice and dry leaving your palate ready for more.

8% ABV

This Nordic-style DIPA is fermented with the Voss Kviek yeast strain. Hopheads, take note: the big citrus aroma and flavors in this beer come not only from lupulin, but from the yeast strain itself. A delightfully dry & bold double IPA.

CZECH 1 - 2
5% ABV

Our take on the world’s most popular beer style is as crisp and clean as a mike check on a mountaintop. This beer is brewed for refreshment with a subtle hop profile and a subtly sweet, toasted biscuit flavor.