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We also offer rotating guest taps, wine, cider, canned cocktails and kombucha. Please inquire for featured brands.

Troy DivisioN IPA
7% ABV | $6 | 12oz

In an ode to both our city and to one of our favorite bands, we brewed this immensely satisfying New England IPA with a medley of American hops along with a dose of NY wheat and oats. This unknown pleasure is sure to become a familiar favorite.

5.2% ABV | $6 | 12 oz

The use of a quick-fermenting Voss Kviek yeast strain sets this Nordic pale ale apart. Hopheads, take note: the tropical fruit aroma and flavors in this beer come not only from lupulin, but from the yeast strain itself. It’s an innovative new way to get the haze and juice you crave. Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Buried Acorn in Syracuse.​

Garden Party
6.5% ABV | $6 | 12 oz

A special collaboration with Fort Ferry Farm. A pale ale brewed with heirloom tomatoes grown right on the farm.

6.7% ABV | $6 | 12oz

Get your groove on with this soft hazy IPA made with actual beets. Derived from a complex blend of late addition hops, this hazy offering is brewed with locally sourced beets to leave you feeling like you’re drinking a pink cloud.

8% ABV | $7 | 10 oz

Distinctly smooth and decidedly different. This beer drinks like a fluffy screwdriver but finishes nice and dry leaving your palate ready for more. Hints of orange, tangerine and clementines.

5.6% ABV | $7 | 10oz

Inspired by the flavors of the traditional coastal Colombian beverage of “limonada de coco”, this beer is brewed with fresh lime and toasted coconut. The result is a sour ale layered with the lush and bright notes of fruit and imbued with just a hint of sweet sunshine magic.

5.2% ABV | $6 | 16 oZ

This Mexican-style lager is brewed with Oaxacan green-dent corn from Forts Ferry Farm and Zeus hops for a zesty kick. Notes of corn tortilla with a crisp lager finish make this a refreshing cerveza, with lime or without.

5.3% ABV | $6 | 12 oz

Listen for the jingle & be caller number fifty for your chance to drink this one-of-a-kind Barrier Brewing Co. & Rare Form Brewing Co. collaboration lager. You’ll feel lucky, blessed, and powerful to share this easy drinking, crispy boy goodness with friends and family.

4.5% ABV | $6 | 12 OZ

Brewed originally as a specialty German beer, the black lager is not a common style. We think that’s a shame: slightly roasty with a pleasant note of chocolate, our Schwarzbier is full of flavor, with the satisfying crispness of a balanced lager.

6% ABV | $6 | 12 oz

This American porter is rich and dark with hints of pale chocolate and nutty undertones. This transitions seamlessly to a velvety smooth mouthfeel that lingers comfortably. Notes of bakers chocolate, prune and velvet. Nitro Only.

10% ABV | $8 | 10 OZ

As dark and ponderous as the bottom of the roaring Colorado River. Aromatics of raisin, fig and vanilla are both familiar and revolutionary. Flavors of chocolate and dark fruit finish with notes of dark coffee. A rich, full body delivers these strong flavors to your palate with ease and grace. Also available on nitro.

5.5% ABV | $7 | 10 OZ

Our annual fall collaboration with Nine Pin Cider. Our Members Only Brown ale brewed with spices and blended with Nine Pin Cider. Think: caramel apples. A fall favorite!