We’ve got four beers to announce for Rarest Form. Stay tuned for mor…e updates!

We’ve got four beers to announce for Rarest Form. Stay tuned for more updates!

SATAN’S GUT IMPERIAL STOUT // 9.8% // As dark and ponderous as the bottom of the roaring Colorado River. Aromatics of raisin, fig and vanilla are both familiar and revolutionary. Flavors of chocolate and dark fruit finish with notes of dark coffee. A rich, full body delivers these strong flavors to your palate with ease and grace.

DARK TROPIC // 6.6% // Originally released on our first anniversary, Dark Tropic triumphantly returns. The base is our coconut porter, which embarked on a journey of transformation in our Family Tree series barrels. This series began with Dark Tropic 1.0 four years ago, and the barrels have aged seven different sour variants in the time since. This is a rich but pleasant dark sour ale with indescribable complexity.

FAMILY TREE #6 // 10% // Continuing down the path of our Family Tree series, this is a barrel aged barleywine. The fig and fennel of the base beer complement the slight funk of our house sour barrels. Big notes of sherry, black cherry, and dark fruit. This beer is incredibly smooth.

PETRICHOR // 6% // This barrel-aged farmhouse ale was aged with a wild house Brett strain. This delicate beer has a pleasant funky character with notes of earthy musk and bright peach.
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